The Best Dentists in Bangalore, India

Dr. Saji Paulose

Dr. Saji Paulose, the founder and director of Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care. Dr. Saji is an Orthodontist and Implantologist. He is also a renowned smile makeover specialist in the state. He graduated from the prestigious Dr. MGR Medical University of Tamilnadu in 1996. He began private practice in Wynad. Besides that, Dr. Saji also established Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care clinic in 1998. His novel approaches and innovative vision soon steered the clinic to the recognition as the best dental clinic in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Dr. Saji Paulose completed his post graduation in Orthodontics from the Volgograd State Medical University in 2005. Most importantly, he is a fellow of the Nobel Biocare ® Implant System of Sweden. His innate aptitude for painting and sculpture helps him in Orthodontics, smile designing and other cosmetic treatments in dentistry. He harnesses the new concepts in dentistry and continuously sharpens his skills by reading and attending various seminars.

Dr. Elizabeth Stella

Dr. Elizabeth Stella is the resident dental hygienist at Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care in Bangalore. A pleasing and methodical dental hygienist, Elizabeth will guide you through the day to day dental care activities. She returned from Singapore with ample international experience in dental hygiene.

She handles modern equipments for teeth cleaning (scaling) such as French made Stellec Neutron Scaler. Elizabeth is an expert in advanced tooth whitening treatments.

Dr. Elizabeth Stella will educate you on regular brushing techniques and convince you of the importance of advanced dental care including professional teeth cleaning, tooth whitening and methods to maintain your oral health. In short, she helps you with tips to have clean and healthy teeth for life.