UV Cabinet

Each such fresh and sterilized pouch is opened only when a patient walks in. We provide every patient with a pair of special shoe covers as he/she steps in. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, it is mandatory for the patients to wear it during treatment. We use disposable (not reusable) gloves, masks, patient aprons, head caps, syringes, needles, water cups and sterilized cotton. As stated earlier, cleanliness at Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care is a strict concern driven by rigid rules.

Auto Claving

Autoclaved tools in sterile pouches need to be stored in ultraviolet cabinets. When needed during treatment, we directly get them to the treatment room from these UV Cabinets.

Pouch Packing

These pouches are then autoclaved at a temperature of 134 Degree Celsius. Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care is equipped with ultra modern autoclaves for this purpose.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Once the tools are taken out from the ultrasonic cleaner, we pack them in special sealed pouches. This process can technically be called pouch packing.