What is the cost of dental implant in India?

Many people ask this question on many open forum websites such as www.quora.com. Answer is very simple. Dental/Tooth implant cost varies depending up on many factors such as make of implant, number of teeth, kind of teeth, etc. Having said that, many of our international clients say that cost of dental implants in India is much cheaper than their native country. If you feel so and planning to visit India soon, you can visit our dental clinic in Bangalore. If you are looking for approximate cost of dental implants before your visit, you can email us copy of x-ray (called OPG). You can contact us on +91 9916470525 for fixing appointment with our friendly and reliable dentists in Bangalore.

What is the best method to replace missing teeth?

Here a couple of effective ways to replace your missing tooth.

  • Dental implants are the best way as this will preserve the bone from shrinking.
  • Fixed partial denture (or Bridge)

Isn’t teeth cleaning (scaling) harmful for the teeth?

Not at all. On the contrary periodic teeth scaling or cleaning is the best care you can give for healthy teeth and gums.

Is teeth cleaning done by scraping the enamel?

No. it is done by a sophisticated instrument (ultrasonic scaler), that vibrates at ultrasonic speed, which removes all surface deposits.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Not at all, if performed by a skilled hand it is one of the most comfortable treatment in dentistry. At Dr.Paul’s we guarantee total painless Root Canal treatment.

How many visits are necessary for Root canal treatment?

At Dr.Paul’s Dental Health Care, we do single sitting RCT.

What is root canal treatment (RCT)?

This is the removal, of diseased or infected pulp (nerve) tissues [which were often in the pus form due to necrosis) from inside the painful tooth. Followed by thorough cleaning of the pulp chamber.

After this these cleaned areas are filled with a bio friendly material. It is done under local anesthesia. Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is done only on painful teeth, to save it from removal.

Are caps must after RCT?

Yes, RCTs are completed only with caps. Caps makes the Root Canal treated tooth last many years longer.

During teeth cleaning, does enamel break and comes as small pieces?

No, it is not the enamel or any part of teeth. The hardened things are the deposited Calculus (Tartar).This is a combination of food material, minerals and bacteria. The aim of cleaning is to remove the Calculus.

Why do spaces come in between the teeth after teeth cleaning?

These are the natural spaces that were blocked or clogged by calculus. When calculus breaks off, the spaces will reappear.

Why should we remove calculus?

Calculus is a colony of bacteria. The presence of that will irritate the gum prompting it to move away resulting in gum recession. Calculus makes the attachment of teeth to the gums very weak, causes bleeding gums, bad breath, loosening of teeth etc. Studies show that calculus and the resulting gum disease affect the general health especially heart.

What is flap surgery?

If calculus deposits enter deep between the teeth and gums resulting in periodontal pockets or even slight mobility, then normal teeth cleaning is not enough.

Under anesthesia we have to open up the flap (gums) clean the calculus and bad tissues attached to the bones (Bone grafting is to be done in case of sever bone loss and teeth mobility).

After this the gum is sutured back tightly, helping re attachment of teeth and gums.

At Dr.Paul’s Dental Health Care, we do flap surgery frequently by an expert periodontist thus saving many teeth, which are otherwise bound for tooth extraction.

Is it important to fix removed (extracted) teeth?

Yes very important, if you want to preserve the remaining teeth and the jaw bones in healthy state.

  • Tooth loss will accelerate the occurrence of new cavities
  • Will cause the remaining teeth to drift and become weak
  • Will lead to severe thinning of jaw bones.
  • The bone resorption (thinning) can be so severe that in some cases teeth (false) fixing will become impossible at later ages.
  • Will lead to change in facial appearance – may lead to premature aging in some cases.
  • Inadequate chewing may lead to gastric disorders, acidity, ulcer etc.

What is the best age to go for braces?

Any age, if the gum is healthy. But age group of 12 to 15 are considered ideal as the teeth movement is relatively fast.

Are teeth extractions for braces safe?

Orthodontic treatment at Dr.Paul’s Dental Health Care follows a non-extraction system. But in some rare cases we do extract teeth, and in this case also, the number of tooth extracted will be definitely lesser than the conventional system.

If treated with precision, teeth extractions will not lead to any problem.

Does tooth extractions affect the eye?

No, this is a misconception. Dental extractions will not affect eye or eye sight.

How safe are tooth whitening?

  • For teeth whitening at Dr.Paul’s Dental Health Care we use the ultra modern Zoom white equipment. Tooth whitening is a very safe method without any side effects in the long run.
  • But during and immediately after the treatment some discomfort like mild sensitivity may occur. But these will not last more than a week.