Fixed Tooth

Toothache? Neither panic, nor wait until you loose it. We urge you to save your tooth by undergoing root canal treatment at Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care.

All of you know what it is. Root canal is a painless systematic treatment to preserve your teeth. Root canal treatment gives instant relief from toothache without medication.

Preserve your dentition and jaw bones with root canal treatment. Jaw bones are susceptible to resorption (thinning) if a tooth is removed. Removal of tooth may further lead to dental decay and ultimately result in loss of tooth.

Root canal is not a temporary pain relieving treatment. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, root canal is not just a treatment, but a promise of tooth preservation for years. Safeguard your natural tooth throughout life.


Root Canal - 1

Root canal treatment requires great attention and expertise. At Dr. Paul’s Dental health Care, we initially remove damaged pulp without affecting the outer tooth shell. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels. If the pulp is damaged beyond repair, it needs to be removed completely. The steps involved in the process are briefly illustrated below:

A. Local anesthesia followed by cleansing of decayed pulp from root canals
B. Measuring the length of root canal and filling empty root canals using bio compatible materials
C. Restoration of the external cavities using composites
D. Protection of the tooth using ceramic crowns

Root Canal - 2