Clear Aligners


A healthy, beautiful smile and straight teeth are dreams of every teenager as well as many adults. Unfortunately, almost all of us have imperfection regarding our teeth due to various dental problems such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth which invade our confidence. If you are someone who wants to change the appearance of your teeth to improve confidence without any obvious apparatus, then Clear Aligner is an option you need to explore.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners, also known as Clear-Aligner Treatment is a modern and invisible method for correcting mild to moderate teeth alignment problems. Clear aligners are recommended by Dr. Saji Paulose, the best orthodontist in Bangalore, as one of the most effective teeth straightening methods to the patients who are seeking for a more discreet orthodontic treatment than conventional braces.

As the name implies, Clear Aligners are made of clear, flexible plastic, and fit tightly over the teeth, but they can be removed for eating, important social occasions, and, most importantly, for tooth-brushing and flossing.

Clear aligners are ideal solutions for people who are travelling as it doesn’t require frequent dentist intervention. Certainly, the cost of clear aligners in Bangalore is much less at Dr Paul’s Dental Health Care when compared to systems like Invisalign.

Clear Aligners in Bangalore – Our Approach to Straightening Your Teeth

At your first visit to the orthodontist at Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, we examine your teeth positions to verify whether it can be treated by invisible braces or invisible aligners systems.

1st Visit:

This is a consultation/discussion appointment with the dentist at Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, where you discuss your dental problems and requirements. The dentist will be analyzing your dental and gum conditions, facial profile, age, etc. and will give a general idea about the treatment and approximate costs involved.

2nd Visit:

Now your dentist will take photos, different radiographs and dental models using CAD-CAM technology. The dentist will provide you 3D image/videos of your expected treatment results, prior to the orthodontic treatment begins.

3rd Visit:

Once the patient agreed to begin orthodontic treatment, the dentist will do Inter Proximal Stripping also known as Inter Proximal Reduction (IPR) using special IPR kit. The IPR is needed only if there is crowding or space deficiency. We make fresh dental models after IPR and will give you Zero Stage Aligner.

4th Visit:

On your final visit, your dentist will provide you a series of aligners which are produced using CAD-CAM technology and 3D printing. The dentist will also provide the complete set of 3D printed models also for future use. The dentist may fix attachments on the teeth which are rotated at this visit.

The patient need to come back at the end of the specified time (average this in 10 months) to get orthodontic retainers. The last aligner can also be used as a retainer for few months.