Orthodontic Braces Treatment in Bangalore

Orthodontics, rather than a treatment, is an art of reforming proclined, inclined, over crowded or abnormally spaced teeth in a functionally perfect and visibly pleasing order. Yes, we welcome you to the world of art, Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Dr. Saji Paulose MDS, European trained Orthodontist, practices advanced straight wire orthodontics. Dr. Saji, with an innate artistic workmanship will guard your charm with his expertise.

No relapse!

One of the common side effects of orthodontics is relapse. Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care has completely tackled this problem with a novel treatment approach that eliminates the need of exhaustive retention appliances. With innovative and conservative approaches, we have ascertained amazing results in orthodontics practice.

No Tooth Removal!

It is a common practice in orthodontics is to remove a few teeth. With their expertise, our visionaries have made it a practice to do it without removing a single tooth. Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care thrives by delivering outstanding results in orthodontics even while handling complicated cases. You will wear a smile of satisfaction after the braces treatment. When a dentist here is at work, smiles are always the results.

Orthodontics Image - 1
Age no bar!

A. Surprised? Observe this kid who consulted us with upper central incisors in cross bite completely behind the lower anterior. It took us a short span of 5 months to achieve this result.

Orthodontics Image - 2
Orthodontics Image - 3

See this angel smile, from what would have turned out to be an irreversible under development of upper jaw bone, if not treated on time.B. Now, observe the case of a 53 years old lady approached us with anterior cross-bite (lower front teeth in front of the upper front teeth). All her lower posterior teeth were found missing. We restructured the cross bite by orthodontic techniques and rehabilitated posteriors with cast partial denture.

Orthodontics Image - 4

C. Here is a 21 year old lady who walked in with upper cross bite caused by missing lateral incisors. We created a space by orthodontics techniques and replaced the missing laterals through implants.

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Now you must be convinced. Yes, as we said, absolutely no age bar! The orthodontic braces treatment in Bangalore  will change your life and figure a smile of pride on your face. Of course a confident smile helps you gain pride.
Your smile with our expertise!