Tooth Whitening


Who does not love to have shiny white teeth? Whitening presents your smile the grace, the elegance and the charm that you always wished for. You will see the dull and brownish teeth shine, without affecting the surface of the teeth.

There are obviously many forms of bleaching. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, we practice in-office power whitening, which is one of the most effective methods, certainly without any side effects.

Tooth Whitening

We do not encourage the use of home kits sold over the internet and other non professional service providers. These kits contain mild acids and abrasis and at times do not contain enough whitening agents to give you a good result. Moreover, tooth whitening is a complicated process that requires better expert observation prior to implementation.At Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, we use one the best tools and systems for all treatment. It takes us just 45 minutes to an hour to make you deliver that shiny smile.

The effect of whitening done at Dr. Paul’s Dental health Care lasts up to three years provided you do not smoke, eat or drink products that stains your teeth.