Hear from Our Customers

Mrs Pawan Bajaj

When I was looking for a dental clinic which could provide solutions for my various dental problems under one roof, I am happy that I came across Dr. Paul’s clinic.

After my first meeting with Dr. Paul, I became confident that this is the right place I was looking for. I had to get done root canal treatment, crown and bridge and also flap surgery on my gums. I had a limited time at my disposal as I was to travel by next 2 weeks. I am happy to say that my entire treatment was completed within two weeks and to my entire satisfaction.

The appointments and other commitments were honored and the quality of the treatment received by me was of the highest order and performed under great hygienic conditions. The clinic is centrally located and the décor of the clinic is very pleasing. All staff are very friendly, highly competent and professional.

My sincere appreciation for Dr. Paul, his team of Doctors and other supporting staff.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to my other colleagues and friends.

Mrs Pawan Bajaj
Mrs. Y Cheong

“Dr Paul Saji was recommended to me by a friend of ours. When I first arrived at the clinic I was pleasantly surprised to see pristine conditions and a welcoming atmosphere with local newspapers and magazines. The two receptionists greeted me and they were very friendly and polite.

I had my teeth cleaned on a 6-monthly routine service and thereafter I had 4 composite repairs done. Recently I also had an implant placed. Dr Paul is very professional and I am entirely satisfied with the dental treatments he had done for me.

Mrs. Y Cheong
Lakshmi Priya

I have always been very self conscious about my smile. I chipped my upper incisors when I was little and for the longest time I didn’t do anything about it because I was scared of dentists.

However, eventually I got a composite for one and crown for the other but I was still hesitant to go all out and grin cause I realized that now I had an overbite. So I retained my half smile.

But quite recently my incisors chipped again and I went to Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care and met Dr. Saji Paulose. He suggested I get my old crowns replaced and also get a smile correction procedure which would get rid of my overbite.

Though skeptical at first I decided to go ahead and trust his judgement. And that is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Now I have a beautiful set of teeth and am not afraid of a toothy smile 🙂 So if you ask me the secret behind my smile I would say – Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care 😉

Lakshmi Priya
Carol and Anil Perim Fernandes

Both me and my husband did not have a good experience with dentists and dental procedures. We came across Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care clinic on the web.

Looking at the testimonials and other information, we decided to book an appointment with the doctor.

Initially my husband went for a treatment and was impressed with the professionalism, eye for detail and quality of work by Dr. Saji Paul.

That’s when I too consulted doctor for my dental procedures. I found that he and his team are high-end professionals. He explained the various options for treatment and recommended the solutions for me.

We are glad we finally found our Family dental health Doctor who we can really Trust. I strongly recommend Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care in Indiranagar, Bangalore for anybody wanting to get the best dental treatment.

Carol and Anil Perim Fernandes
Nidin & Namitha

Doctor has thorough knowledge about all aspects of dentistry. He makes it a point to explain the problem and the solution before-hand so that we are aware of what is being done.

We first approached him for a root canal treatment for me and then for more complicated dental problems for my wife and my mother. Treatment for all of these went smooth.

He is extremely patient and careful during the procedure and ensures that the patients are at the utmost comfort. Overall, it was a good experience and I recommend the clinic for all dental Issues.

Nidin & Namitha
Mr. B Chandran, Managing Director

“I had recommended a lot of relatives and friends to Dr. Paul’s Dental Health Care, based initially on the positive experiences that my uncle had told me about. In spite of getting a good feedback from all those whom I referred, I had not made use of dental services. I must confess that I have always been apprehensive about dentist visits and the pain/ fear that ensued from it.

However recently I had to give in and get a treatment done due to a ‘tooth emergency’. I was amazed at Dr. Saji Paul’s care, skill and sophisticated instruments that he used. He was highly professional and at the same time there was a personal touch as well . The follow ups that were done by him and his staff, even after days of my treatment being over, was a pleasant surprise. I finally got over my fear of a dentist.

Mr. B Chandran, Managing DirectorHammock Leisure Holidays Pvt Ltd
S Varatharajan, Ex General Manager

My experience with Dr Paul was the best I have had so far in my 65 years of age. I found it very refreshing that he was always on time, kept his appointments and always respected the commitments of his patients too, unlike so may others who would keep patients waiting for ever.

Very Professional in his demeanor, his service was also impeccable. I had Teeth implant done on one side and Root Canals and Extractions on the other. The Implant Idea was still a little weird for me to start with. But Today I can proudly say that my new set of teeth are the better than my original. And that didn’t come easy. Dr Paul is a stickler for perfection. Every time, he would never let me go until he was fully satisfied with the outcome.

Thanks to his Patience, Commitment and Perfectionist Spirit, that today my teeth feel as good as new. I only wish we had more doctors/ dentists like him.

S Varatharajan, Ex General Manager Cooper Bussman India Ltd.